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Fishing on Cayman Brac in the Cayman Islands
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The Owners

Just a little bit about us, the owners of Tradewinds and Breezy.

Bonnie, 44, was a self-employed court reporter for 16 years before closing up her business and taking an early retirement, and David, 47, is an attorney who has scaled down his practice to pursue our goal of full-time cruising on our sailing catamaran, The Brac Cat. We live in Durham, Pennsylvania, on a lovely piece of property in the woods of Bucks County. We have no children but have a love of animals, and especially cats, of which we have six at the last count.

We purchased our sailboat, The Brac Cat, actually before we purchased our property on Cayman Brac but obviously had visited the island pre-sailboat purchase. We first visited Brac in 1994 and stayed in a little cottage owned by Dervyn and Hio Scott of Tranquil Realty. Dervyn and Hio were the most hospitable hosts and we instantly fell in love with the island. We admired "our" little piece of paradise from afar, we did know it was up for sale, but were not in a financial position to make a move on it. We went back to Pennsylvania but Brac never left our minds. We returned to Dervyn and Hio's cottage the following year and continued our search, albeit much more vigorously this time, for a piece of paradise, with our search this time including Little Cayman. We felt at home on Brac and were not interested in any property we saw on Little Cayman, still admiring "home". Turns out that the property had been under agreement during the previous year of our absence but the would-be buyers could not get financing and the deal fell through! Wow, what a coincidence. Guess who were the lucky ones to finally purchase the home we had looked at and thought about for two years now!!

Both structures needed MUCH improvement but we both saw the potential in this much neglected property. We could not be stopped in our visions for the final product and purchased Tradewinds and Breezy in April of 1996. After many coats of paint the exterior went from red to white. We eventually painted the interior walls white from the drab brown that it was. A container shipment from our home in Durham contained all new windows, furniture and anything else we thought the home needed.

The whole project since April of 1996 to present has been a labor of love to bring this property around to its present state. It is an ongoing process and one that we get much satisfaction from.

We spend somewhere around eight weeks a year on Brac but that may scale down somewhat now that we are cruising. We hope someday in the not-too-distant future we will be able to unite The Brac Cat with its namesake, Cayman Brac!


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